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Founded in December 2012, Center of Basic Molecular Science (CBMS) is a research institute affiliated with the Department of Chemistry at Tsinghua University. CBMS aims at promoting fundamental research in organic chemistry and related interdisciplinary subjects, advancing rationale understanding and design in molecular science, and enhancing rigorous scientific training for chemistry students.


The center is directed by Prof. Jin-Pei Cheng, an organic chemist and Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) academician, who targets a unique and superior organic chemistry discipline at Tsinghua University. CBMS will focus on significant basic scientific problems related to organic chemistry, material science, as well as life science. The research goal of CBMS is to develop new methods and principles for efficient chemical transformations, through quantitative study of structure-property relationship and rationale design.


Current research fields of CBMS cover synthetic organic chemistry and mechanistic study, fundamental chemical bond energetics, basic principles of molecular assembly, interaction mechanisms of biofunctional and bioactive molecules. Our target is to address key physical organic chemistry problems in these research fields.


CBMS has set up physical organic, synthetic organic, chemical biology, and cell biology laboratories with state-of-the-art research facilitates. The center pursues excellence in chemical research and warmly welcomes outstanding undergraduate students, Ph.D. candidates, and postdocs who are interested in organic and physical organic chemistry related research fields.

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